Illustration by Arthur Rackham

Animism, traditional witchcraft, folk magic, fairy faith, & hellenic polytheism.

“Love is flesh, it is a flower flooded with blood.”

Marina Tsvetaeva, from Poem Of The End in “Bride Of Ice: New Selected Poems” [translated by Elaine Feinstein]

It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance! You may call me Red, and I hail from Singapore. In a true reflection of my country, my magical practice is a convergence of many influences, but namely the Chinese folk practices I was raised with, the traditional European witchcraft and folk magic I have long held a fascination for, fairy faith, and my work with the land on which I live. Animism plays a key role in my practice, being a concept reflected both in the magical traditions of which I follow, as well as in my religious path as a hellenic polytheist.

Fairy faith is in truth the most significant feature of my practice, as it not only bridges the gap for me regarding the magical and the devotional, but has quickly become the base for most of my current magical pursuits. At the moment, I am focused on venerating, learning from, working with (and in turn, being worked by) the Queen and King of Elphame, in the roles of witchmother and witchfather respectively.

Through this blog, I hope to write about my research and explorations, document my thoughts, and perhaps even share bits and pieces of my personal practice.